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Knowing Jesus, you need to be familiar with these words.

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This website contains a collection of tracts, spiritual guides, and training information for Christians and Seekers that were created by Rev. Thomas L. Shelton. Select a topic from the right to explore further!

The site is being maintained by Patricia Bridewell, one of his beloved secretaries, in his memory. Still under development, additions are planned as time permits. Let us know which items you enjoy and what you would like to see available sooner rather than later.

For printed copies of any of this material, please use our Contact Us page. Payments for materials and donations are accepted through PayPal HERE. All proceeds go toward supplying jail and prison ministries with copies of Rusty Woomer's Journey From Death to Life. You may purchase a copy of the book or Kindle version on

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(If you are looking for Bro. Tom's OCBA historical site or other pages, they will be restored and linked "soon".)

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